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codependence (a theory of evolution)

Hey so i had an idea or theory i should say on evolution just wanted to know what you all think (don't really know where to tell it)

All life is codependent every organism relies on upon another organism down to a cellular level (then down to a chemical level then down to atomic) so the idea is that complex organisms started from cells being codependent on the smallest of basis these cells would either acquire new cells or create them for certain tasks when there was new cells they had the same evolutionary trait or ability as the last (to survive) and to survive they would change or create new cells (adding a machine into the system to improve efficiency) effectively making more and more evolutionary potential but as long as each original cell still served a purpose to the other and the other to both they would not separate nor perish from their co existence effectively building complex life
an interesting idea this brings up is that "you" are just another organism in a collection of organisms all working to survive but you are the input and out which is needed to comunicate with the the environment aka the macro world which is unneeded in the micro world because the processes are much simpler instinct and the machines in the system require little interaction in-between each other except traded nutrients or perhaps it's just that the environment is so small and steady for the organisms that they simply do not to be adaptable which is why all faster moving larger amount of space covering creatures need a problem solver

and when you think about it Humans and our ancestors have Always! been the farthest expanding organisms perhaps complex brains evolve just from expansion and the need to be highly adaptable in order to find better sustenance in an ever changing environment which would explain our want to go to space and as we continue to do this we will become even more adaptable as a species

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