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Scottish Independence: confidence, courage and ambition

Scotland, one of the oldest, yet newest, Nations on earth is moving towards an epoch and deciding whether to become Independent. It needs considered reflection to enable it to make this momentous decision, before the Independence Referendum in autumn 2014.

For far too long, and despite the reality of what Scots have given to humanity, our small Nation has been developing a 'cant do' persona. Other Nations have managed to adapt and pursue freedoms and self-respect and progressively moved to a natural, independent state. Its time we did the same.

Strangely, we live within the UK state that is continually discredited. The UK lacks the ability to work on behalf of Scotland and its interests; the UK cannot behave as either a 'good world citizen' or in line with the aspirations of the people of Scotland. Indeed, in the UK, it is arguably the only modern 'democratic' state that tells its own people that they are too stupid, small and impoverished and should not be in charge of their own affairs.

That is not simply the fault of the UK powers-that-be. We allow ourselves to be oppressed into thinking of ourselves as second class citizens within our own 'united' kingdom. We suffer indeed, arguably, from a national 'Stockholm Syndrome' in a captive and dysfunctional UK.

What we need is a real, immediate, and concentrated dose of self-respect, courage, and with it, ambition. Ambition to join the rest of the naturally organised nation-states. Ambition to put right the old wrongs. Ambition to act as a good citizen of the world - and find our age-old guts and determination to make the best of it. We also need friends, family and thinkers from outside of Scotland to stand with us and show us what can be achieved.

For centuries now, many countries have broken free of the 'British' constraints - and none have looked backwards since. Its up to us - and we'd like to hear from you!....


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    Mar 4 2013: It will boom then recede then there will be a long convalescence, human nature. What might shock everyone is that the UK will eventually reunite as one again. What do you think?.
    • Mar 4 2013: Humpty Dumpty set on a wall etc. I can't evaluate what the Scots want, but do they really want to be big Ireland. The only thing I know about Ireland is that they had what seems to me better reasons for independence. Michael Collins was assisinated like Gandhi was. Ireland also seems to benefit from surplus people being allowed to imigrate fairly freely to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Duh - is that really being grown up and independent? If I am not being fair - let me know. Even in the States which had better reasons - half the colonials were opposed.
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        Mar 4 2013: Actually, Ireland, Gandhi etc cannot be placed in the same sentence as the situation in Scotland.

        On the other hand, one doesnt have to have their leadership repressed or worse to be actively repressed. Even slight disinterest from the powers-that-be is a form of repression.

        As for emigration... Im not going to get pulled into that nonsense.... ;-)

        Hoping other posts will be more on theme...
        • Mar 5 2013: Sorry David - as I said I -am an American so I can't evaluate what the Scots want. There are 7 Billion people in the World so statistically very few of the people reading this are Scots. So almost every one reading this isn't knowledgeable - that was one of my main points. You are almost all alone. It could be worse - an American awhile back asked what other countries thought of the U.S.A. He found out. He did not sound happy to the response. I regret if I was not helpful.
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        Mar 4 2013: Only the political system changes. There's only two islands up there with three tribes of heavily interlinked peoples. The Scots sell power to the rest of the UK but eventually they and the rest will come back together, under what? I don't know but they will.

        Emigration to there? or abroad? I don't think it would matter. I've always liked the Scots and Irish, they know how to swear like they mean it rather than swearing as a replacement for most of the language that some people i know use english for.

        Nothing wrong with wanting independence, better to start now than wait so you can get through what follows and hopefully it will be very fast.
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          Apr 3 2013: Actually, we dont sell power. The money from taxation is taken from our oil, to fund illegal wars and very right wing policies we dont like.

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