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Scottish Independence: confidence, courage and ambition

Scotland, one of the oldest, yet newest, Nations on earth is moving towards an epoch and deciding whether to become Independent. It needs considered reflection to enable it to make this momentous decision, before the Independence Referendum in autumn 2014.

For far too long, and despite the reality of what Scots have given to humanity, our small Nation has been developing a 'cant do' persona. Other Nations have managed to adapt and pursue freedoms and self-respect and progressively moved to a natural, independent state. Its time we did the same.

Strangely, we live within the UK state that is continually discredited. The UK lacks the ability to work on behalf of Scotland and its interests; the UK cannot behave as either a 'good world citizen' or in line with the aspirations of the people of Scotland. Indeed, in the UK, it is arguably the only modern 'democratic' state that tells its own people that they are too stupid, small and impoverished and should not be in charge of their own affairs.

That is not simply the fault of the UK powers-that-be. We allow ourselves to be oppressed into thinking of ourselves as second class citizens within our own 'united' kingdom. We suffer indeed, arguably, from a national 'Stockholm Syndrome' in a captive and dysfunctional UK.

What we need is a real, immediate, and concentrated dose of self-respect, courage, and with it, ambition. Ambition to join the rest of the naturally organised nation-states. Ambition to put right the old wrongs. Ambition to act as a good citizen of the world - and find our age-old guts and determination to make the best of it. We also need friends, family and thinkers from outside of Scotland to stand with us and show us what can be achieved.

For centuries now, many countries have broken free of the 'British' constraints - and none have looked backwards since. Its up to us - and we'd like to hear from you!....


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    Mar 3 2013: From my research, Scotland generates approximately 40Billion in public spending, but less than 30Billion in revenue.

    Can you explain how Scotland would make up for the loss + requiring its own Military defence?
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      Mar 4 2013: Xavier - at the risk of pulling you and others into the 'should we' debate - and indeed fall foul of the very problem I am raising above - the UK governments own figures have Scotland contributing a net surplus to the UK exchequer. As for defence, all the small nations in Europe manage it quite adequately... and I dont hear much clamour suggesting otherwise, to their governments...

      Im looking for inspiration for our people; not to debate the issue here; that is for another place and happening. What we need is the courage, something lacking that causes us to believe all the claptrap fed to us from London and get off our knees.

      We rely, and look for that inspiration, on others who value and enjoy more freedoms and equality than we currently have in Scotland within the UK, governed by London.

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