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To what extent is mutilation of pets for aesthetic or practical reasons unethical?

Tail docking, ear cropping, declawing, debarking, wing clipping, debeaking, dubbing and castration... what is your opinion on the matter? In many countries there is no restriction on animal mutilation. Should these practices be mostly banned, as in Europe? Or can they be considered ethical? Let us know!


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    Mar 5 2013: Ah well .. humans are monsters .. we re-shape our pets to mirror what we are.

    Where I live, the good-old labradore is balanced by a pit-bull terrier .. a kill-dog.

    I suppose if you live in a city .. you have a torture victim as a pet - because that's what you are too.

    I had a friend who was playing in his backyard when a pit-bull jumped the fence from next-door and tried to kill his kids.

    It took 3 blows with a spade to kill the thing, and all his kids got injured and he was covered in blood before he could get the deed done .. and he was a big strong humans person ..

    His day-gig was remedial massage and healign .. this event hurt that man deeply.

    I don't have pets. And i know what our "pets" do when they go wild. You don't want to know that story.

    (edit: Here's a thing I found-out:

    Don't have "pets" . have friends instead - no matter what species they are.)

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