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A suggestive solution to solve electric power crisis

The demand for electric power increases each second and there is an alarming and mounting power crisis throughout the globe. Governments and people are doing their best of efforts to solve the existing crisis. There are several counter measures being planned (such as generating power through diesel generators, solar, wind, and other green initiatives). Well, these are effective methods for sure. However, they may incur huge costs and consume more time for actual implementation. Something needs to done extraordinarily with immediate effect! And…what could be that?!

Let us be the positive change we want to witness! We (as home consumers of power) should also extend our helping hands to overcome the power crisis.

It is a known fact that we consume more power when using air conditioners, computers, and televisions. Do we really require them to be switched ON always? Shall we pledge to think twice before using an electrical device?

Do you know?! In a given day, if one person does not use air conditioners, computers, and television for an hour, he or she can bring the following positive impact in the lives of needy people:
- Reduce several hours of power cut in houses of a poor village.
- Run tens of lights or fans in an area that has no access to electricity.
- Support hundreds of enthusiastic students whose studies are impacted due to the power cut.
- Help a poor farmer to manage electricity expenses for running a water pump.
- Assist small-scale and cottage industries to sustain their existence through uninterrupted power supply.

Though provoking, isn't? If awareness of one individual can bring such meaningful difference, think about the change when millions of people co-operate. Let us be the positive change we want to witness, my dear friends.


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  • Mar 5 2013: Although we would use less electricity if people became more conservative, we still find ourselves with the problem that we are using the same amount of resources to create the same amount of power, we are just conserving it, so it lasts a longer time. What we need to do is go back to how we create power, most green resources are great because they eliminate the pollution created by fossil fuels, and the costs of transportation and mining of these resources. Yet we need a lot of these systems to produce enough energy to power a city. What we need is to start researching the next big field of electromagnetism for our clean energy future. There was a lot of research in the 1870's until the late 1980's on the subject of creating electromagnetic generators and capacitors that powered themselves, with little or even no input. Even more on this topic of electromagnetism, our earth is a large magnet in which creates a static field that is essentially a giant battery; a battery that could power every city in the world indefinably. Nikola Telsa and other scientists have created inventions that can transport electricity wireless and generate energy from this battery (the earth). If we coupled the to together we could provide energy to anywhere in the world (maybe not underground) but yeah everywhere in the world. This would eliminate all costs of the production process once the systems are set up. It will eliminate the need for any fossil fuel because we can power cars boats and planes with it. but

    yeah that's just my take on it.

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