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should the media be more regulated?

Kenya, where am from, is holding its general election this monday and keeping in mind what happened last elections, tensions are high. Yesterday there was a clip on the media, cnn and local stations, that to me would do more bad than good.
it raises the question if the media should be more regulated. They live by the principle of a good story over goodwill


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    Mar 4 2013: What we can agree on is that media can put out stories that do more harm than good. Many times they cover stories that ought not to have so much attention, and forgo the stories with actual magnitude. That is the nature of the beast unfortunately. However, the significant regulation of media cannot be allowed. It will only lead to more and more regulation until the media is just an extension of the state. But, maybe it will work in some countries. For instance, the United States would not take kindly to any type of media regulation. Unless of course one wishes to start a civil war. On the other hand, a country like Sweden might be more receptive to such regulations.

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