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should the media be more regulated?

Kenya, where am from, is holding its general election this monday and keeping in mind what happened last elections, tensions are high. Yesterday there was a clip on the media, cnn and local stations, that to me would do more bad than good.
it raises the question if the media should be more regulated. They live by the principle of a good story over goodwill

  • Mar 4 2013: Ownership of media needs to be better regulated to insure that a single point of view from either an individual or a corporate entity does not dominate the marketplace of ideas. Media conglomerates should be broken up into organizations which can only control a single media outlet; one newspaper or one TV station or one radio station.
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    Mar 3 2013: Journalists exist to tell a story. All news is a matter of perspective and most of the time it is reported with catchy content to attract an audience. We don't to regulate it, we need better deductive reasoning skills when viewing it. TV and media channels are often referred to as networks. Do you know why? Check out this lesson and think of TV source as "node".
  • Mar 3 2013: If it were, the next question would be - Isn't the media regulated too much?
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    Gail .

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    Mar 4 2013: Who does the regulating? In the USA, those who own the media own the politicians who regulate.
  • Mar 4 2013: No, that gives too much power to the people who control the media.
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    Mar 4 2013: What we can agree on is that media can put out stories that do more harm than good. Many times they cover stories that ought not to have so much attention, and forgo the stories with actual magnitude. That is the nature of the beast unfortunately. However, the significant regulation of media cannot be allowed. It will only lead to more and more regulation until the media is just an extension of the state. But, maybe it will work in some countries. For instance, the United States would not take kindly to any type of media regulation. Unless of course one wishes to start a civil war. On the other hand, a country like Sweden might be more receptive to such regulations.
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    Mar 4 2013: Are you looking to regulate views that can be presented in the sense of suppressing those some people find harmful, or do you mean to make sure there is an opportunity for different stations to present different stories and views, or for people to have access to media that present views that may be under-represented or not reported?
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    Mar 3 2013: 'Yesterday there was a clip on the media, cnn and local stations, that to me would do more bad than good.'
    Can you elaborate?

    Anyway, there needs to be official categorization implemented.
    One which classifies as 'NEWS', inwhich all reported events must be deemed factual and objective
    and 'OPNION' Inwhich outlets can have their own political slant and agenda, but an on-screen disclaimer makes it clear that information is opinionated and may not reflect actuality.

    Atleast it would be a start.
  • Mar 3 2013: We do need the media, but sometimes the stories they present are not all truthful. So goodwill takes a back seat.
    Like they say: Don't believe everything you read and only part of what you see.