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Without Petrol, Diesel and Crude Oil How can we imagine the World?

Now a days There is so much increment in the use of crude oil, Petrol, Diesel. So, the stock of crude oil is decreasing day by day in the world. in future may be so much problem create If stock will not much.


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  • Mar 4 2013: hmm, yes it is only through adversity that we can learn to be more creative and imaginative will our hands.

    here lies an issue that computers, satellites and silicon chips cant fix, we actually might need to get out of the office chair, turn off the net and do some physical labour in the sun, yes real dirt and all.

    I think it will be similar to what it is now, with a few major exceptions, like, things that are cheap now will be hard to get, and transport will be local only, and mostly by foot.

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