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Is it right that mostly college drop out students run the biggest businesses in the world?

In Most of cases Mostly college drop out students successfully run biggest businesses in the world. Its a very amazing and wonderful.

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  • Mar 3 2013: Hi Daxesh

    indeed it is right... if you ever wondered , you might have come to believe what schooling system teaches us.
    I believe you are interested in entrepreneurship... and that is very interesting. I guess the entrepreneurial spirit is growing in India. will be very interesting to share ideas with you as I am looking forward to be in India.

    Schools produce good little boys and girls to go to university, get a degree and get a job, pay taxes, buy liabilities, pay more taxes for it, retire and die (and pay taxes because you are dead, you don't need money when you are six feet under)

    people who drop their education, (some end up being criminals) and had a strong desire of achievement they went for it. they know they can't get a job without a degree (no one would employ them) so they created a work for them.
    and then their hire people with a degree to do the job for them.

    school doesn't teach us to take risk, but the street does. (you know they say something like this: School Wise vs Street Wise)... because lie is too risky outside of classroom. and the ones who drop out, goes through this risky life and learned the advantages and disadvantages of taking risks.

    there is a nice book about what Rich tell (teach) their children about money (money management) and what Poor / Middle class tell (teach) their children about money (money management)
    Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (you can find the full audio book on yourtube)

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      Mar 4 2013: @Edwin:) I appreciate with yr knowledge. Very Nice talking..... Good Comment. Nice to meet you.

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