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How do you find your transcendence?

I am working on a film about how we all let go of our small selves and "become the Universe" (as Hakuin said) for a moment or an hour. A shower? Seated mediation? Running? Everyone seems to have a different way. What's yours? Also, what or whom would you be interested in watching or hearing about in a film like this? Thanks everyone!


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  • Mar 5 2013: Ok there's is no possible way for your consciousness to EVER leave your body so thats all kinda BS the only way we will ever achieve these ideas is when we connect every human being's brain together and we become gods
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      Mar 5 2013: But even so, there are times when our minds wander (metaphorically speaking) and we lose track of time. Driving on a long, monotonous road or doing something simple and repetitive. I'm interested in those moments. Some people find it quite therapeutic to lose themselves for a time, whatever your belief about consciousness.

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