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How do you find your transcendence?

I am working on a film about how we all let go of our small selves and "become the Universe" (as Hakuin said) for a moment or an hour. A shower? Seated mediation? Running? Everyone seems to have a different way. What's yours? Also, what or whom would you be interested in watching or hearing about in a film like this? Thanks everyone!


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  • Mar 5 2013: I do meditation to reflect myself pure and clear everyday.I feel comfortable doing it.I don't know that moment can so called:transcendence?
    I work hard to earn my living everyday.But I do enjoy every day in my life:I like my job,I try to take care of my family memebers.I keep gratitude in my heart to every one who help me growing up everyday,I also keep gratitude to every river,every tree,every grass...because they accompany me everyday there.I enjoy being so.and I enjoy studying hard to being so.

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