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How do you find your transcendence?

I am working on a film about how we all let go of our small selves and "become the Universe" (as Hakuin said) for a moment or an hour. A shower? Seated mediation? Running? Everyone seems to have a different way. What's yours? Also, what or whom would you be interested in watching or hearing about in a film like this? Thanks everyone!


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    Mar 4 2013: Hmm. It's interesting. I get such a different response when I ask this question in person. I find that most people I talk to have little moments each day, or perhaps a few times per week where they daydream or meditate or lose themselves pleasantly for a time, and that it's helpful to reset their busy mind. For some people it's washing dishes, others it's working on a potter's wheel. It's usually something simple and repetitive like knitting or chanting, when the conscious mind is distracted enough to stop the inner dialogue for a bit. Twenty minutes goes by and you don't even notice the time passing. For that time, you "forget yourself." So, I'm looking to hear about how people find that state and what it's like for them. Thanks again.

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