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What can we do to change nonprofits given what Dan so eloquently presented

“Business will move the mass of humanity forward, but will always leave behind that 10% of the most disadvantaged and unlucky,” he says — which is why we need philanthropy and nonprofits. But couldn’t the nonprofit sector use the same strategies as the business world to grow their profits and give more money to the needy? After all, says Pallotta, “How do you monetize the prevention of violence against women?”

How can the consuming public, foundations, philanthropists and nonprofits executives work to solve this problem?


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  • Mar 3 2013: Dan Palotta's book, Uncharitable, is a great study of how the restraints on non-profits limit their ability to reach their potential. I personally find the greatest challenge the inherent competition for funding, which fosters short-term thinking and singular approaches, instead of long-term strategic solutions and collaboration. This has to be redesigned.

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