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Social Network or Tribe

We have the ability and the resources to change the world.
Please read the comments below and reply to them, if you have thoughts.
The TED Talks I've related to this conversation are very inspiring, check them out.

Large social networks can be thought of as groups of tribes. We form tribes early in life based on where we are born and raised. These tribes or social circles can have tremendous impact on our development and our direction in life.

In our current system. we compete for money and we work for attention. The more skilled you are, the connections you have, and the attractive qualities you possess come to form our personal value along with our contributions.

The idea is similar to a human brain. The body supplies resources to the entire brain and certain regions of the brain get more based on stimulus but every cell gets enough to live and has the opportunity to be stimulated and grow. The functional structures of the brain can be an analogy for organizations and companies in our world.

We now have the the foundation to establish a virtual social network that can basically govern a population and supply jobs. In virtual social networks there are accountability, qualitative, and quantitative indicators already built into virtual social networks that can give value to the contributions we supply online and offline. If we supply good contributions we are rewarded, if we supply bad contributions or nothing at all, we are not rewarded. This can be implemented on a personal performance basis and we can still supply resources to everyone connected on a lower sustainable level.

http://youtu.be/qv8Xn7PUcI4 This is a similar idea but still based on an antiquated concept that money will always we necessary.


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  • Mar 5 2013: hi John
    You wrote: "We now have the the foundation to establish a social network that can basically govern a population and supply jobs."

    To govern populations, supply jobs and also, to solve problems. We are two people discussing this kind of project. http://www.ted.com/conversations/16652/community_driven_website_that.html

    The idea I had is this: Make a website that connects: The best ideas, the best workers and financing to make it happen.
    It would be like a combination of Reddit, Ebay, Facebook etc.
    The project I'm thinking of however does not focus primarily on jobs. It focuses on problem solving. Its a very basic idea right now. Anyway yea, join in if you're interesting. We started a forum.
    Your idea is sort of abstract and at this point, ours is too. I'm just replying here so this topic is bookmarked as I might visit it again later.
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      Mar 5 2013: Hi Tao, This idea is about the evolution of a website. I tried to imagine network structures after working through this lession http://ed.ted.com/on/NTwRKjCq Companies such as Google and Facebook create websites (virtual hubs) to aggregate content to pull your attention in to profit from marketing. My idea is to create a physical hub associated with the website. Detroit.gov was my first thought.
      Detroit is virtually bankrupt and it needs to change. The city has a user database already established through state identification. I had to set this possibility aside because the government in place is in crisis and things move slow so, I made and offer to buy detroit.org and set it up as a non profit to hand it over to the city after i can work the bugs out.
      • Mar 6 2013: Great idea to work on Detroit. Yea that city needs help. Good luck! I saw the video, thanks for the link.

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