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Social Network or Tribe

We have the ability and the resources to change the world.
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The TED Talks I've related to this conversation are very inspiring, check them out.

Large social networks can be thought of as groups of tribes. We form tribes early in life based on where we are born and raised. These tribes or social circles can have tremendous impact on our development and our direction in life.

In our current system. we compete for money and we work for attention. The more skilled you are, the connections you have, and the attractive qualities you possess come to form our personal value along with our contributions.

The idea is similar to a human brain. The body supplies resources to the entire brain and certain regions of the brain get more based on stimulus but every cell gets enough to live and has the opportunity to be stimulated and grow. The functional structures of the brain can be an analogy for organizations and companies in our world.

We now have the the foundation to establish a virtual social network that can basically govern a population and supply jobs. In virtual social networks there are accountability, qualitative, and quantitative indicators already built into virtual social networks that can give value to the contributions we supply online and offline. If we supply good contributions we are rewarded, if we supply bad contributions or nothing at all, we are not rewarded. This can be implemented on a personal performance basis and we can still supply resources to everyone connected on a lower sustainable level.

http://youtu.be/qv8Xn7PUcI4 This is a similar idea but still based on an antiquated concept that money will always we necessary.


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  • Mar 5 2013: Would you want to be watched all day? plus the system would be abused, its a great idea but a government should not control its people. How about we reward our government services including the military with the same process. For the people by the people is our motto so lets reward programs like education, systems that improve our ways of life. and lets reduce or eliminate any office that is wasting our money. the network page would show the employees, the total profit or loss of the office and what they have been doing. That would be much better than a few thousand people trying to watch a whole country, if it was like that you could get away with almost anything....
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      Mar 5 2013: Patrick, no one wants to be under the microscope all day. Everything can be abused but, not everyone can be abused. People are the government and their control is only as powerful as we allow it to be. The military is made up of people in organized networks. Everything is a network, links, nodes, hubs, connections, etc.
      Imagine no loss of profit in business. How could you make that happen?
      Try imagining a situation existing in your mind that CAN BE, then try to defeat the idea. I'm not imaging people looking a videos and photos all day long, I'm imagining people going about their day as normal, talking to people on the phone, walking on the street, sleeping, its all about perspective.

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