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What if we redefined the TED gift bag?

A few early thoughts:

respects the value to TED (sponsors)
respects the value to attendees (who, let's face it, like free stuff...and meaningful stuff)
addresses the value to social impact causes
empowers greater community
reframes what "SWAG" means
affirms what TED means


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    Mar 2 2013: It's been typical conference SWAG (stuff we all get), filled with gift cards, gadgets, etc.In the past, we've gotten iPhones, Google phones, bluetooth devices, note books, water bottles, t-shirts, etc. More recently, some of the big "sponsors" have been Icebreaker, WorldWildlife Fund, Jawbone, etc. Central to the whole thing is the gift bag (in the past messenger style or more recently duffles and this year a back pack that NO ONE likes). I have a closet filled with these and use only one of about 10 I've received.

    The quality and value seems to drop every year and the marketing increases. There has been an increase in social impact "gifts" (pay it forward kind of things)
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      Mar 3 2013: OK as someone who is never going to be able to afford to attend a conference, I have a quick question.

      I thought the attendance fee was so high so TED could avoid the influence of corporate sponsorship. So how the heck do they justify this?

      That just makes me angry. I now have to rethink my participation in this venue. I hate when I am made to feel stupid. Add foul language here....

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