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What is the opposite of "Idea " ?

Concept / idea - what could be the most closest opposite of it ?


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  • Dan F 50+

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    Mar 6 2013: Is it possible the concept and application of opposites to a given word is only a helpful dimension to better understanding what contributes to our human capacity to perceive.

    Consider this challenge of opposites regarding the perception of a physical item. Is the mirror image of something the opposite of the original item? Obviously not, but...sorta?
    • Mar 7 2013: Here is a likely example - the word is: Idea/s (please allow to play with vowel sounds and little bit of phonetic wresting for another perspective / meaning to emerge ) so Idea can be re-written as " I " + "the" + "Ae/S" So from a new perspective Idea means : "something about Me/"I" " + "Something about the - people" + "Some trash Aes/Ash" likely implications - not everything about Me/I is acceptable to people, not everything about people may be acceptable to Me/I thus there is a Trash of Idea/s !! This may be taken as is Opposite in Opposites from my perspective - people and (tra)Ash(ed - Ideas) are opposites so are these dimensions from other angles as well . Another implication of this is it brings a different meaning to the word "Idea" not in dictionary - not in literature !! prevailing perspectives - however, can there be an idea without Me/I ? or without people? or can all ideas be making sense to fulfillment thus can there be no trash? Would you consider this the fun of language in understanding better " what contributes to our human capacity to perceive" ;)
      • Mar 7 2013: The related talk to your challenge is, "A brain in a supercomputer." So admittedly I am focusing on the difficulties of mimicking the human brain via a supercomputer's capacity to preform to the level of intelligent elasticity we enjoy as humans in free thought.

        I'm on my way skiing, so I will try to digest your comments later. I may need a glass of fine wine. You are cerebral - indeed!! So I presume you are not too concerned about supercomputers taking over at the helm? If so, I'm with you.

        Did you open this can of worms on purpose?
      • Mar 8 2013: Hi Casey,

        Is the opposite of an item, its reflection/shadow? I'd rather argue that it is not. Admittedly, the configuration of the mirror image is reversed/opposite, so I will grant you that much. Is it also reasonable to view the opposite of an item as gone or dispersed? Or perhaps in the form of energy as opposed to being in a physical state, matter vs antimatter?

        Incidentally organic chemistry has identified a number of modules which are composed of the same atoms and are configured as a mirror reflection of one another. A right and left handed type. So perhaps that is getting close to one complex item being the opposite from its "mate" in a true physical sense.
        • Mar 8 2013: Arrived at the similar conclusion as above, unlike Chemists or Physicists who might use a electronic microscope to find ( loving atoms ) "mate in true physical sense", by playing with grapheme !! physically recognizable, manifested sounds !! Exploring with-in Why - ( Vine - Why In ) definitely helps "can of worms on purpose? " It seems these worms are generated through grapheme - that I mate with so everything under controll;)

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