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What is the opposite of "Idea " ?

Concept / idea - what could be the most closest opposite of it ?


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  • Mar 5 2013: Matter...form.
    But ' Idea VS matter ' is actually the flaw of perception ; they are not distinct.
    So, i have no idea ! :)
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      Mar 5 2013: I do not think you are too far off Natasha..I would say matter and form (if you take the approach of metaphysics and naturalism)..

      I also agree with you if you say they are not distinct but I view this is in the physiological sense (if we relate it to the brain). Idea's would be a subjective mental process while its physical characteristics would be mechanistic.

      that's what I would say
      • Mar 5 2013: Hi, Orlando !
        My reasoning is simpler than yours, i guess :)
        Nobody knows what matter is. With QM matter ceased to be definable and exists only in relationship with everything else ... I don't know how mind creates matter , but a particle shows the properties of a particle when it is observed. Somehow 'mind' ' the observer' is necessary for reality to undergo the formality of existence . In a sense, the reality IS what we think it is.
        Idea and matter are made from the same universal 'stuff'. The reality is the construct of thoughts/ideas.

        that's what i would say :)
        • Mar 6 2013: "The World is the Externalized HUman mind"

          Eckhart Tolle

          Hi nn !!!
    • Mar 6 2013: nn :)seems a billion dollar challenge question 1) "how mind creates matter"- 2) "' Idea VS matter ' is actually the flaw of perception ; they are not distinct." I was thinking similar to what Ed references ""The World is the Externalized HUman mind"" still thinking !! bear delay ...for some more time please
      • Mar 7 2013: Hi, Charan !
        "The World is the Externalized HUman mind"
        Sure !
        I see what alarms you. Saying Mind i don't mean Human mind only. We emerge out of Nature , human is connected to the roots, we consolidate emergent properties and somehow bring them to a focus of self reflection. But Human mind is quite recent, the world/reality/matter is created by Mind/Spirit or whatever name.
        The Svetasvatara Upanisad says:
        satamsah sadrsatmakah
        jivah suksma-svarupo 'yam
        sankhyatito hi cit-kanah
        ‘If we divide the tip of a hair into a hundred parts and then take one of these parts and divide it again into a hundred parts, that very fine division is the size of but one of the numberless living entities. They are all cit-kana, particles of spirit, not matter.'
        Spirit is not allowed into the cannon of science, but how is it different from field ( it is not seen, but always present , it's ubiquitous) non locality , quantum potential ?
        So, is there any clear cut between matter and spirit/mind ? Nobody knows what matter is made of . How particles get their masses ?
      • Mar 7 2013: Ed !
        ' If tree falls in the wood and nobody sees it , does it happen ?"
        I think, HUman mind is overstressed here . Human world is Externalized HUman mind. What about the creature that has never seen and has never been seen by a human ( hope there are such :) ) ?
        As I stand it under, Mind is like a computer that runs , i don't know how many hundreds of thousand of operating systems at once and this Mind creates the world/reality/matter. Human operating system supports a lot of weird things, universe expansion... f.e. bee's/eagle's /shark's .. mind most likely doesn't We have a very vague idea what world they inhabit. But we share by creating our common reality collectively. A flower is conscious where the sun is and it also contributes to the reality, by its flower's perception of sun. Everything everywhere is doing the same thing infinitely. Mandelbrot set visualises it.
        Does it make sense ? :)

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