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What is the opposite of "Idea " ?

Concept / idea - what could be the most closest opposite of it ?


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    Mar 3 2013: Fact.
    However, words have meaning in context. It is not necessary that each will have an opposite.
    • Mar 3 2013: Finding opposite seems an inbuilt function that likely fills the unfilled. It seems questioning remains till opposite fills in.
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        Mar 4 2013: True. But it can be seen like this too. 'Opposite' is itself an idea. I am not sure if you are into the lexical semantics of it, but the idea of opposite carries a sense of 'opposing' something, that is an inherent incompatibility of the binary relationship in a pair (male-female etc.). From that aspect it is difficult to find out the binary pair of 'idea' that is something which is inherently incompatible to 'idea'.
        There had been long tradition of dualism in scholastic thoughts but longer (but not so much remembered) tradition of continua where nothing is 'opposite' to any other rather two necessary extremes of the same continuum. Interestingly, laughter and cry involves almost same and identical muscles in human faces.
        'Idea' to me is a mental construction of a possibility in as much as it is different from a fantasy and when such a possibility becomes an event, it becomes a fact and not an idea anymore. That is why I think Fact is closest binary pair of Idea in the sense of incompatibility. I also feel the conclusion a bit contrived.
        • Mar 4 2013: Nicely stated "'Idea' to me is a mental construction of a possibility" though it seems facts change. As per my evolving understanding by opposite it means: Example - Most closest opposite of Birth is Death - this is a fact and a construct within the language that one learns after first year of birth. So if one takes first year into consideration as Robert has already pointed out Blank-Slate is the opposite of these pair of opposites (Birth- Death). Yet when one goes into another dimension of deeper reflection - where one can easily recall all these three phases even the opposite Blank-slate dissolves into what is Presence !! as Reine stated or as Einstein says Intuitive Mind !! in a youtube link referenced by Don. Interestingly - all these deemed opposites are in Oneness with same origin revolving - and trains of IDEAS originating all the times !! . The Challenge is to distinguish Intuitive Ideas that doesn't flourishes in the domain of opposites only ( world manifested - with learnt language) but also equally applies to other domains - brings welfare to this extent. These domains are not external to one another though knowing these all and seeing application of an idea to all seems the ultimate. Just some thoughts...

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