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vacuum train

Hai my name is david...i want to share my thought....in a vacuum there is no air and aravity its true...first we have to think about trains now if train moves the air opposes the train and friction may decrease the speed of the train...my openion if we we made a rectagular long shaped box .in that we have to suck or remove the air .so that inside vacuum develops..if train moves and get the kinetic energy it doesnt stop because there is no air and friction ..so that once train gets energy there is no use of fuel or power it moves by only kinetic energy .. Inside train we must facilitate with oxygen ...we must take care about cavitation problem also .. Tracks must be magnetised tracks . Becos train runs at high speeds ..and fuel consumption two less and time saving and no fire accidents becoz out side less presence of oxygen ..and it runs more speed about 1000 to 2000 km per hour and more also


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