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What is it to be Fearless ?

The Idea of living life at the whim of other people seems to me to be a very scary proposition. Therefore through my understanding of both this video and my personal experience ,the idea of being fearless to ask for help seems to be a necessary part of life.


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    Mar 25 2013: Someone suggested fear is 'ingrained.'

    You don't remember being one year old, do you?

    All fear is taught. Our culture does a great job doing this.

    I have found some of the people in the world with 'less' fear, are the ones who are, by society's standards, broken.

    They can't read very well. They can't sit still. They avoid crowds, loud noises, spend a lot of time by themselves, interpreting the world on their own, with no real inputs. They have hearing or seeing difficulties. And they make it through BETTER than most...

    Because they were never 'taught' to fear.

    Thank you.

    Amanda, you rock.


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