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What is it to be Fearless ?

The Idea of living life at the whim of other people seems to me to be a very scary proposition. Therefore through my understanding of both this video and my personal experience ,the idea of being fearless to ask for help seems to be a necessary part of life.


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    Mar 5 2013: Indeed. Growing up in England in the 50s and 60s as a working class grammar school boy asking for help was considered "bad form" . In class admitting ignorance was a sign of weakness so you shut up and muddled through. Often if you did you were ridiculed both by teacher and pupils. i was scared to ask for help. This carries through to adult life. It appears to me that this "not asking" is endemic in western society, at least. How can we change? By watching the videos and then DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I now have a "Donate" buttons on my activist site. http://GodKnows.info thank you

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