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sensors instead of manual work

keeping an automatic sensor to switch on & off street lights instead of manual work... by updates of sunlight and by this thing many villages and small towns can get street lights for many years without depending on the government again and again

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    Gail .

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    Mar 3 2013: I wonder what the people of the world will do when all jobs are done via technology? If something goes awry, will they wait for technology to figure out that there was a problem and fix it by itself? Will there be enough skilled or capable workers left who know how to fix all that is broken (Let's say after a typhoon that devastates a region). Who will be able to afford repairs or even afford those who report the damage to the government?

    I don't know what it's like to live without sensors on street lights, but it seems to me that if I wanted street lights on my darkened street (not something that I personally appreciate), and there was a gas light (or whatever you use), I would be willing to volunteer a few minutes a day to turn a light on and off. But in a community sustained by money, and in a community so poor that it cannot afford to add sensors to lights, how is the community served by putting someone out of work so that the entire family goes hungry?
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      Mar 6 2013: the same thing i am getting from all people is that "technology developing is not like killing the human's job... its an additional lubricant to the frictionful human effort..." when the time comes where all the people in the community are restless, the small things that even can be done by human are supposed to replace with technology,,,,
      i am a small bed light bird want to become as a ever sunshine by replacing my wings with technology lights... hope you understood my intensions...
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        Gail .

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        Mar 6 2013: Technology is quickly replacing human jobs. There are not enough jobs to replace them.

        If you own a big company, you want automation to replace workers because automation is MUCH cheaper. That means profits are higher. But if you replace workers with automation, no one has money to buy your products. So what we have now works for as long as poor villages in less developed countries are willing to sell themselves into slavery (that is advertised to them as progress).

        But there are others who see a world where people do not work at jobs they hate or struggle so hard to earn what it takes to have a meager existence. This group of people is working to end the existence of money / barter.

        If you simply want to become more sophisticated, PLEASE look at what it will cost you in authenticity and freedom in order to accomplish that. Every street light that runs all night takes tax-payer dollars to keep lit. The more hours you work to pay taxes, the less human you are in the eyes of the government that steals your labor while calling itself Big Brother.

        You may be lucky enough to still live in an area where locals can agree to not use money at all. Most of us will be envious of you. Turn off your televisions. Build working communities and locally owned power sources so that you can keep the internet that is the new education source.

        Don't look down on yourself or your community. Stand tall and admire your abilities. Don't compare. I won't jump into your grave for you, so don't turn your life over to me. Don't let your emotings about what I "might" be thinking deter you. You don't know how much I respect and admire those who have not yet sold themselves out.
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    Mar 7 2013: ok... i agree with you that u had said to me.... but my mind set cannot be change with the other problems arising in the community.. I never let my community down.. although the admiration is neccesary for wake up innovations in people's mind, one should start with their own idea about the development of society...
  • Mar 3 2013: Explain more please.
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      Mar 6 2013: its just replacing ordinary street lights with which are being operating under manual work by a sensored diode or some thing that can be done by automatic technology, so that human effort is reduced and country would be more sophisticated....