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Wouldn't it be nice if the Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras was about celebrating diversity and no longer also to fight for equality and respect?

It's the gay and lesbian mardi gras tonight.

Walking through the city there were people in costumes getting ready. Gays, lesbians, transgender, friends, supporters, and people just looking to party.

This year will be the first time the armed forces march, which is kind of nice. Bigotry and inequality still exist. The latter is something that could be changed easily in law. The former attitudes may not be that easy to change. At the very least it would be nice if people could have a live and let live attitude even if people don't feel comfortable with homosexuality.

For me, I look at being gay as a bit like being left handed or having green eyes. It's a minority trait, but natural. To be more precise there may be a continuum with some people very strongly same sex attracted and others less so. But the continuum is natural variation.

Others guided by old religious views or their own upbringing, cultural and conscience disagree.

Do you think the day will come when gay people have equality under the law and these sort of events will be just a celebration rather than have a political motive? Or do you think there will be political or social issues that will need to be highlighted for the forseeable future.

Is gay marriage (and divorce) inevitable?

Wouldn't it be nice if being gay was universally accepted as part of the natural diversity of human society? A non issue. So that people aren't even labelled first as being gay and second as whatever they do - your an artist or policeman that just happens to be gay, not a gay policeman.


Closing Statement from Obey No1kinobe

Great comments from many backgrounds.

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  • Mar 2 2013: For some people in Amerika (and elsewhere too),
    All the most wonderful beasts of the earth were here solely for them to hunt and kill, mount on their walls, skin and lay on their floors, or stand to be used as an end table.

    That is precisely how I see those who are so hateful towards others, as though that is what they were put here on earth for:
    for them to hate, persecute, ridicule, judge, condemn, hunt, incarcerate, lynch, enslave, demonize, shame, force reprogramming on them, spread crazy-making message and abuse them with mental, physical and emotional torture and even kill.

    That is what the Insane Moral Majority is. Imagine being a person who sees other people in that way and treats them so?
    I only call them Insane, because people who act like that, demonstrate insanity.

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