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Reforming the global mining structure is the solution to green technology advancement and immediate global implementation!

A brand new primary sector understanding indicates that the global mining industry has restricted underground mining in favor of surface mining in order increase metal prices. As can be explained easily over many decades.

This mining intention has been in place for over 50 years and has increased metal prices by 400%.

The difficult thing to understand is that the mining industry is actually unaware of its existence.

So here in this lies the world solution to affordable global green technology implementation, jobs for hundreds of millions of people, a large increase in revenue for governments, and a human development turn around.

All provided by the mining industry and the 400% reduction of all base and rare earth metal prices.

The solution is in the place we last expected it to come from. Mining!

This topic is highly detailed in the publication link below.

I would love to get the feedback of TED readers involved with Green Tech, Climate Change, Government Policy, Change Leadership, and Human Development.

Brendon Butler

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      Mar 2 2013: Hello ZX Style thanks for response.
      Firstly, sorry for not responding to you on the other question thread.
      I actually agree with your analysis that TED mat not be the best tool for my global system understanding.
      I understand my publication is vague and detailed at the same time.
      The publication is a series of phases. The reason for these phases has been to gain enough validity to move to the next phase. First was to get truthful responses from mining insiders about their real interpretation of the mining industry. Now if I wrote a too convincing publication I would have scared them off, so I wrote it in the style of a conspiracy theory. This technique proved to be far more valuable than I had anticipated.
      1. Proving that underground mining machines and methods are not as efficient as what experienced miners believe they should be. From my own mining machinery management experience and responses from very experienced mining machinery maker insiders.
      2. Proving also that miners favour surface mining for economics purposes.
      Individually each of these understandings can be easily passed off as “it just happens” and I agree with that.
      However, when you put them together it creates a closed-circuit system.
      A closed-circuit system creates its own back and forth movements in cause and effect regardless of input from large miners or manufacturers. The fact that a Rio employee states the economic reasons for surface mining over underground mining is not the argument at all. Nor is it the fact that I have proved that mining machinery makers have had free will over increasing metal prices through restricting underground mining efficiency.
      It is the combination of the two that multiplies both in to a 50year plus “natural evolution” of a closed-circuit system.
      I must admit that for many years I did think that there was a managed force at play. But as time has moved on I can easily say that there is no overarching conspiracy.
      So if there is no conspiracy.
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          Mar 3 2013: I think it is perfectly acceptable that TED people are or may not be interested in this primary sector change.
          The mining industry is not going to change the way they are. They are happy with the way things are like you. Which is fine. But I am not addressing an individual person, company or even the mining sector. I am addressing the global economic system.
          Yes investors will lose value in mining specifically, but they will jump ship as they always do when the economics changes. no surprise there.
          The second thing you mention is that assets will be emptied faster. I disagree. If the efficiency increases then the grams per ton to make the operation profitable drops significantly, meaning the ore body is expanded by many factors of scale. Much more to mine. A geologist will also tell you that.
          As a consumer, you should be concerned. If mining takes more than it should then the prices are higher meaning that in the current state of affairs the cash velocity (high price-low volume) is reduced. This means your products, your jobs, your investment returns are all minimized by the single acceptance of "the current mining system".

          This is not a mining issue. This is a me, a you, a your next door neighbor issue.

          Mining is not going to change itself! So I guess it is up to me and you and manufacturing and government and green technology etc to demand the change instead.

          Do you think there is an audience for this type of knowledge?

          Good questions! ZX
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      Mar 2 2013: What is holding back people knowing about it?
      Because it has been going on so long, it has completely integrated itself into the entire global economy and created economies and flow on systems of its very own.
      This awareness of the evolutionary development global mining is something that miner CEO’s and even the mining machinery maker CEO’s are completely unaware of. I cannot show in a public forum the feedback I have been getting, but on LinkedIn I have a mixture of 26 VPs, Presidents, CEOs, Chairman and owners from mining companies all over the world. In addition, they are still connected with me after making them fully aware of the systems existence. Along with more than a dozen Mining Machinery Makers of equal calibre. I make sure they are acutely aware of the system also. Added, they have provided private supporting understandings.
      My publication is the beginning of a system response to a system issue no one knows they are a part of.
      However, the system needs more than just a mining system response. This is because the price of metals affect every single economic sector in many different ways.

      So, the next phase was to get the understanding from leading economists. Which I have but also cannot show in a public forum.

      And finally I now have enough to take it to the final phase. Leadership capable of demanding global awareness that brings the change.
      Hence my approach to the readers of TED…
      So this is where you and I are right now. I do think that TED is a great platform but I am unsure for the practical purpose I require for finding a Leader. A courageous and concerned voice so to say. I no longer need more proof of concept as I have more than enough from many related experts and insiders.
      I know I will not make an impact on TED, but I am fishing for Leader.
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          Mar 3 2013: Thanks for advice ZX.

          The professionalism of the publication was purposefully left out for the early stages to present myself as not being a threat. And someone the mining industry insiders would be more willing to show their hands to. It is a strategy I have used a lot in the past and it has treated me very well in terms of getting the difficult information.

          I can not pretend to be a professional when I am only street wise "so to say".
          When taking a wild global position like I am. It buys its own niche. Underdog 101.

          Nothing of what I have written is business as normal.

          It is not really for academics or professionals. But for a person that sees a problem and wants to fix it, take ownership of it. You get the picture. People like to offer help. It is designed to rub all the rest the wrong way. This removes the unnecessary noise.

          As for TED I am just dipping my toes. I expected this to get passed off a nonsense.

          I am a realist. There are probably less than a handful of people on the planet that would be capable of engaging this. I am very close to a few...

          Very best
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      Mar 2 2013: Food for thought:
      I think I need to bring you up to speed of where I am actually at.
      Global manufacturing companies have over US$1Trillion sitting on their books they are "desperate" to invest. How much inspiration do you think they need for this?
      Governments have large debts on their balance sheets and an obligation to generate millions of jobs.
      Global metal commodities are going to be slashed by me and I can do it through any Market, Government, Media Outlet and so on... in a million different forms. I only need one Leader.

      When Base Metals and Rare Earth prices drop:
      1. Green tech will have no option but to boom.
      2. Global manufacturing will boom.
      3. Hundreds of millions of jobs created
      4. Government debts slashed
      5. etc...
      I have global unity in the palm of my hand.

      So, are there any Leaders in TED?

      This is not about mining deep it is about vastly improving the efficiency of shallow 1km-2km underground mining.

      You are right in your understanding that this current system is advantageous to current miners. That is why I am not asking big miners to make the change. I am getting the market to demand it. And the market will demand it when it becomes aware of it.
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    Mar 2 2013: you are on your own business agenda. this is nothing but advertising.
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      Mar 3 2013: Hello Krisztian, what exactly am I selling in a free publication and who exactly would actually buy any part of it?
      Best regards
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        Mar 3 2013: i don't know, but more to that, i don't even want to know. that is supposed to be a discussion forum, not a billboard to your cause.
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          Mar 3 2013: Hello Krisztian,
          You are more than welcome to ask me questions.

          I understand how my publication can be difficult to understand as it crosses the divide of practical solutions tied into philosophical changes amongst most levels of the economic and human development spread.

          I do not know your background, which makes it difficult for me to help you understand how this may affect people in your particular position (if you were actually curious) considering you only wish to provide me with statements.

          Metals supply and prices are the foundation to our economy that directly affects many of the humanitarian and development conversations provided by TED. I felt it my responsibility to at least inform members and fellows of TED of these substantial changes. And then to allow myself to answer questions as best I can considering my publication is in the process of global rollout. A rather difficult position you need to understand.
          However, if you feel that I have crossed the line for the informational curiosity of TED guidelines, please inform TED and I will abide by their advice.
          Best regards