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What are we capable of?

The human race has accomplished so much, making soaring buildings from rocks and trees, making an explosion composed of tiny elements rarely found in the universe, that can only be compared to the explosion of a star. We all possess this mental capacity, and yet it goes unused in the vast majority of the population. What would happen if every human being put their capabilities to the test? If we all used the full extent of our brains what would the world we live in be like? Is a utopia possible?


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    Mar 2 2013: I'm afraid not,
    Because the model of our society was and is a "Rating Model"
    means what?
    That mean it doesn't matter what everyone do, it matters what someone do betters than the others!
    That means we don't care for every students or athletes, We just want the best grad students and Medal winner athletes
    This is a very bad thing but it's true
    IF everyone do a great job, They do just fine and someone is doing better, you just raise the standard
    and we have always the same competition but in a very more hard way

    But at least maybe we can't have utopia by this, But we can have a better World

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