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What are we capable of?

The human race has accomplished so much, making soaring buildings from rocks and trees, making an explosion composed of tiny elements rarely found in the universe, that can only be compared to the explosion of a star. We all possess this mental capacity, and yet it goes unused in the vast majority of the population. What would happen if every human being put their capabilities to the test? If we all used the full extent of our brains what would the world we live in be like? Is a utopia possible?

  • Mar 2 2013: Apparently we are not capable of stopping the evil in the world.
    And we have had a long, long time to accomplish this.
    It should have been done by now.
    I am very old but I knew when I was very young that it was a "sure-thing" possibility that everyone could have food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, shelter, bathrooms, education and so on.
    But we haven't done it. Either we are capable of this or we are not.
    Rather, I believe it is, "we are not willing to!" We are not willing to share, change, open our hearts, minds, arms and souls to one another. Nor are we willing to, en masse, stand up to those who perpetrate, teach and use the power of evil to keep the world on the road it has been traveling and stop it.

    We keep on living "our" lives while we "work on that other stuff on the side". "Can ya not eat for about 5 years, while we try and get this program going in order to get you some food? Just hold on if you can, for five more years and we probably, well maybe, whatever, will get food to you. But, listen, I gotta go now. Got mouths to feed. God, good luck.
    Or, good-god luck. Or something like that.

    If we used the full extent of our willingness, it could be done. It isn't using the full extent of our brains, it is simply following through on what we know should be done. Now.
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      Mar 2 2013: I love your statement "full part of our willingness"

      As I grow older I notice my viewpoint about the capabilities of mankind and our willingness have changed. I am still young, but my views were changing to a negative side until I started watching Ted and other positive media outlets. The standard media portrays the world as this horrible place and while it has its tough parts I have become to be enamored with the good side of our species. We have a lot of hard work ahead, but as the media keeps talking about this person being raped, or that child abducted, the overall violence stats are showing that in proportion to our population violence percentage is going down. We are trending toward peace.

      We live in an era (still with many wrongs) where a girl can be in a foreign land surrounded by anger and soldiers, in the middle of a riot and she can tweet "they are hurting us, please help" AND the world moves! not with violence but with information and passion so that a tyrannical government will fall with very few people hurt.

      Granted some of those governments still need work, but I do see the progress.
    • Mar 2 2013: hey RC

      I agree, we are not willing to share...

      Ever wonder how comes? what made us to be so?

      I may be to young to think so, but I believe that after Industrial Revolution humans have grown an unlimited greed in themselves, and we can't help it. today we are capable of achieving anything expect changing ourselves.

      We can be, Gandhis, Jesuses, Buddhas, Muhamads, because we are not willing to simplify our lives.
      Industrial Revolution taught us to build a larger and more comfortable cage (aka Comfort Zone) for ourselves and always look other side of the fence , because the grass is greener there.

      as Martin Luther King jr said: "We learn how to swim like a fish, we learn how to fly like a bird, but we never learn how to live together."

      maybe we are not capable yet.
      • Mar 3 2013: I think it lies mainly in lies.
        We have been lied to about who we are as a species.
        We have been led to believe (lied to), that how we act is "our Human Nature" when it is not.
        We have many choices to chose from in how we respond to what our environment is telling us. Is it safe, friendly dangerous, scarce, polluted, clean, etc. and we respond accordingly, not by nature.
        We have been led to believe (lied to), that it is all right to own Nature and keep others from accessing it. (this also means, stealing it outright, lying to get it, deceiving others and schemes to fool with and using laws)
        We have been led to believe (lied to), that it is all right to destroy this planet because some fictional God is coming back and is going to destroy it all anyway. This is some of what I was raised with, but those lies go back centuries.
        We have been led to believe (lied to), about our genders, sexuality and that what is normal is deviant.
        We have been led to believe (lied to), that we are born in Sin, can never undo that and will go to everlasting Hell where we will burn for Eternity, while those who told us this, continue looting, invading, killing, hunting, persecuting, demonizing and destroying others.
        We have been led to believe (lied to), that we have been told the Truth and not to seek it.
        But, if we were told the Truth, why then do we seek it?
        And we have been seeking it since we were first lied to.
        In a child's early years, I propose that lying is the cause of mental illness that is not of an organic nature. Lying creates a split in the human psyche, turning one away from trusting themselves. Later on, it is heavily manipulated and split further, thus splitting humans further from one another.
        Americans worship lies. William Casey, head of the CIA in 1981 said, "We will know when our program of disinformation is complete when everything the American public believes, is false!"

        The only ones who do not want to live in peace are the leaders of all countries everywhere!
        • Mar 3 2013: hello RC

          truth to be told the truth has never been told.

          I agree with the first part of your comment. and made me to believe again that we are doomed. I knew it since I realized why we fight.

          we let to believe (lied to) all those things you said... I believe... it comes from all the institutions we deal with. the result is being manipulated by them for their own interest (and not our)

          I disagree with the last sentence:

          "the only ones who do not want to live in peace are the leaders of all countries everywhere!"

          What would you say about Gandhi, Mandela ? did they stand for violent?

          I spend most of the time during the day to study leaders and leadership (I even tried to read Mein Kampt by A Hitler) because I want to learn and understand they thinking style and decision making strategies.

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    Gail .

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    Mar 2 2013: Our culture, that was formed on the shoulders of a very cruel religion, tells us that we are something that we are not. It tells us that we are weak, powerless, and easy to victimize. But for those who have taken the time to undertake a study of self, and to test beliefs, we are something VERY different. We are powerful creatures who can create/manifest whatever we can envision.

    If every human were to do a self-study, and accept science as its rationale, they would learn that what they once thought of as logical is very irrational indeed. They would stop manifesting poverty and war because these things do not bring happiness. They would start manifesting things and situations than enhance their lives.

    I don't know if it would be called a utopia, because without something to aspire to, life would be dull indeed. But relationships among various groups (from parent/child to nation/nation) would be so irrevocably changed that our social ills would disappear. Money would no longer be our god, because we don't need money to manifest what we want/need. The earth would therefore be treated better - so our neighbors would automatically be as well. We would go from a money/barter social system to a sharing/gift social system, where all benefit as a consequnce.

    Destructive ideas (all fear-based; such as greed -fear of lack, and bullying - fear of being powerless) would evaporate because beliefs form the fabric of our realities (and emotions are painful to endure - so by eliminating them, we live happier lives). In discovering our power, our beliefs would be so changed that the world would be largely unrecognizable to those who do not yet know that they are god/s.

    Imagine knowing that you never need fear others, hunger, thirst, or lack of shelter, etc. Those who know how to use mind-power to manifest their desires no longer fear these things. We wish all knew of this incredible testable provable (to self) power.
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    Mar 5 2013: We are capable of whatever we don't limit ourselves to in our minds. If man wants to do it, it will be done. Even if we think its impossible, we find loopholes, or other solutions, through the maths and sciences.
  • Mar 2 2013: we all have got resources and capacities in our mind, we we not know how to use it, (or at least not many of us)

    it can be right to say, "We all have geniuses sleeping in us"

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    Mar 2 2013: As I stated, this is a wide topic so here is another quick idea

    Perhaps it is not just our capabilities but our realization of what we are capable of and willingness to find them. I learned something interesting years ago and I would like to get input from others. I think it might relate.

    We have 4 areas in our life (they can be general, but I will link it to capability for the moment)

    1 Things we know about ourselves and everyone else knows ( eg. we are capable of driving)
    2. Things others know that we do not (eg. perhaps we always tell the same anecdote, or are better than average at something)
    3. Things we know about ourselves that no one else does ( eg. maybe we are good at drawing, or fantasy)
    4. And lastly things we are capable ( or general knowns) that we do not know and no one else knows. (eg. how would we react in crisis, or could we be a great painter)

    Now we just need means and willingness to explore #4
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    Mar 2 2013: This could be a very wide topic. Is a utopia possible? In many ways we have this today in which many people in a first world county can have money, food, shelter, family and the ability to have a very fulfilled lives. In this sense I think we need to use the capabilities of our mind to enrich our lives and realize how much we do have. We, as individuals, can make our lives a utopia OR we can make it a hell. Perhaps that comes down to choice. What if a first world country is "natures utopia" Where we have the ability to choose between heaven and hell and the choice is ours. Happiness is not thrust upon us, but it is there for us to choose to have. (not saying it is easy, but we are seeing a trend that happiness is a choice and lifestyle)

    In that case the capabilities you ask about would come in to play. What if we used our full capabilities as individuals? Would we live in this utopia? Perhaps. On an individual level.

    Now for third world countries, and those in other countries (even first world) that have terrible things happen, the story may be different. Now we need to address our full capabilities as a species. Perhaps the challenge to our full willingness and capabilities is not necessarily within the capabilities, but within the cross purposes we encounter as we interact on a larger social scale. Who do we help and in what order? We try to put food on our own table, love our spouses and children, help our local community, help a foreign government, that hungry child down the street, etc. Even two altruistic people with love in their heart may have varied ideas on how to solve the same challenge. BUT, perhaps that boils down to capabilities.
  • Mar 2 2013: I think I am capable to be being now.
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    Mar 2 2013: I don't know whether it is possible to use the full extent of our brains, or whether physiology and time limit that for us. I do know that exploring what we can do, making life an exercise of that, is an interesting and gratifying way to live that can make for important and lasting social contributions.
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    Mar 2 2013: .

    My answer to "Is a utopia possible?" is YES.
    What human race needs is to quit invalid happiness.

    (For invalid happiness, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 14, at
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    Mar 2 2013: I'm afraid not,
    Because the model of our society was and is a "Rating Model"
    means what?
    That mean it doesn't matter what everyone do, it matters what someone do betters than the others!
    That means we don't care for every students or athletes, We just want the best grad students and Medal winner athletes
    This is a very bad thing but it's true
    IF everyone do a great job, They do just fine and someone is doing better, you just raise the standard
    and we have always the same competition but in a very more hard way

    But at least maybe we can't have utopia by this, But we can have a better World
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    Mar 2 2013: We are capable of doing so much. But how do we know the full extent of our brain even if we give our best to all we do? We may know that we´ve done our best by results and by the attainment of excellence. But how do we know that we´ve maximized our potential? And how would it be "a potential" if it has been maximized?
  • Mar 2 2013: It's telling me that this conversation is closed. Is this really such a frightening thought? Can't every person be the next Albert Einstein? Let us all make a difference, let's everyone change the world. If one human being is capable of making fire with two sticks and a piece of flint, then aren't we all capable of doing the same thing? Let's all make this a place worth living, stop being flogged into the same group and forced into what society tells you to be! We have done incredible things in the past, and all it takes right now is for one more incredible thing in the present to change the entire world.