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What is YOUR view on the the media and its connection to "moral panic"?

It could be argued that there IS a clear connection in the sense that the media often induces moral panic with particular news reports such as the Colorado and Sandy Hook shootings. The bombardment of these reports on the public, for example, may then spark an upsurge of individuals advocating for stricter gun regulations. In this sense, it could be argued that something "good" may arise out of "scaring" the public.

But what is YOUR view on the media and moral panic? Is it good or bad? Should the media make themselves more aware of this occurrence and its possible positive and negative effects? Or is it the responsibility of the viewer to rationalize the situation?

Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated!


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  • Mar 30 2013: My view, the media is no longer reporting news so much as reporting the slant of the news that it wishes to push so that it can sell air time. The news media used to tell us the news. It would give us a slanted news story of course, based on the newscaster or company, but it was more about news and less about sensationalism. Now, bad news sells and pushing an agenda can be done through reporting.

    Take the shootings as an example. Yes, they were tragic and I will not debate that. But, they were an anomaly. The media sold the story by showing us pictures of kids being escorted out of the school, cops with guns, guns coming out of the guys car, and stories about the horrors of owning "assault" weapons. Even though the story did not fit the actual information about firearms in the states. But, it sells news.

    There are far bigger issues we face that are far more important and never reported on by the media. The mere fact that some issues are never reported on, or under-reported, say drunk driving and its effects, tells me that the media is out to influence us rather than educate us. That and the act that we have news agencies that lean "left" and "right" in their reporting should say something significant.

    Worse, the media presents "facts" that are not accurate or skewed which puts those who present actual data in the position of appearing wrong or not with it. Or, at worst, crazy.

    On the flip side, good actual news reporting can alert us to serious concerns that we should be worried about, like the genetically modified food bill that was just signed into law.

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