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What is YOUR view on the the media and its connection to "moral panic"?

It could be argued that there IS a clear connection in the sense that the media often induces moral panic with particular news reports such as the Colorado and Sandy Hook shootings. The bombardment of these reports on the public, for example, may then spark an upsurge of individuals advocating for stricter gun regulations. In this sense, it could be argued that something "good" may arise out of "scaring" the public.

But what is YOUR view on the media and moral panic? Is it good or bad? Should the media make themselves more aware of this occurrence and its possible positive and negative effects? Or is it the responsibility of the viewer to rationalize the situation?

Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated!


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    Mar 2 2013: As Barry Palmer has wisely said, the media is more interested in making more money and having more glory than in morals. As they say "bad news is good news".
    Bad news does create panic and fear, but the world has always been a place of faith and fear; it is up to each individual to choose of one of the two:
    1. To be inspired by faith
    2. Or to be paralyzed by fear.

    I choose to have faith.
    • Mar 2 2013: Clearly, those of the "moral panic" view, don't really trust their God. In fact, they believe in more than one god.
      Right there they are breaking their first commandment.
      Me thinks they don't really know what it is they believe in.

      Faith however, doesn't really change anything.

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