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What do you think of Code.org?

This week, a new and great learning platform announced by many IT kings like bill gates and mark zuckerberg and ...
that was this site: Code.org

What do you think of this idea?
IS it good that all of us learn to code? or should we?

I for one think it's a great idea, How about you?


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    Mar 6 2013: I was introduced to programming as a child in the early 1970s (my junior high school was rare in that it had a Digital computer). Akin to those in the video, seeing the teletype machine ka-chunk out "JIM MCLAUGHLIN IS GREAT!" was a milestone event. In the 80's, grad school, "Computer Applications in Geology" I spent late hours on campus tweaking FORTRAN 77 to produce more and more beautiful output. Then my dad gave me a Commodore VIC-20, later a C-64 and a C-128. How I longed for an Amiga and Video Toaster! In the 90's taught myself Visual Basic and landed a job (mid-life - temporary - career change). When HTML got complicated, I "retired." Until I discovered code.org (2 days ago) I had taken for granted how much coding had been part of my life and hadn't considered how that type of thinking (logic, problem solving) could be taught in a way that is addictive. In my home I hope code.org becomes the new Minecraft.

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