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How many languages is it possible to know?

I admit that I am not a genius. I have never had an idea that I would end up speaking more than one language but it happened.. in my early 20s I found myself speaking more than 4 languages... few years later a coupe of languages came along and I learned them as well... Why? I don't know.
true to be told I didn't go to university for this, I only went for Communication Science. after learning all those languages, it made me believe;
if I can, then anyone can (but maybe not everyone)

How many languages do you speak?
If you could learn one more foreign langues, what would it be?
What stopped you from learning more than one (if you speak only one)
why is it so important to learn any foreign language when we want a global village, and what language should be spoken in that village?

an interesting article to be read about the capacity and ability of human brain in learning and knowing languages:



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    Mar 21 2013: Theoretically, the human brain can hold around 2.5 petabytes of information.

    Apparently it is possible to learn all of the languages. If an ambitious savant decided to dedicate his life to learning languages, there is a distinct possibility that he could pull it off.

    However, this is not possible for an ordinary human. In a normal person, memory gradually grows more corrupted over time. Given a lifetime, a person with average intelligence could probably learn around 50 languages. That is one language a year after age 14 and stopping at age 64. (Keep in mind this is a person dedicated to learning languages.)

    A genius could probably do a few more... but there are varying colors of genius. There are children out there that are already fluent in several languages. Then we have savants which have something that transcends genius.

    Basically people are amazing!
    • Mar 31 2013: All languages are impossible there are several dead languages that have been translated by the technique's of.modern man but there is no way to be 100% sure if it is translated.right since no one speaks or knows it anymore

      Regarding the 50 languages in a lifetime and a genius perhaps more it seems unlikely since the human brain will not learn every single word and grammar style of every 50 languages or more you might know how to speak and write some things but the full grammar of it in 50 languages is just simply not possible...

      Explanation a human will always be distracted by the environment or y the person who he/she is speaking to forgetting certain words and not completing a sentence and by that forgetting the word they needed to say in that certain sentence so its not fully learned like the mother language everybody learned...

      So for as far as I know it is impossible to know around 50 languages without trouble or whatsoever

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