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How many languages is it possible to know?

I admit that I am not a genius. I have never had an idea that I would end up speaking more than one language but it happened.. in my early 20s I found myself speaking more than 4 languages... few years later a coupe of languages came along and I learned them as well... Why? I don't know.
true to be told I didn't go to university for this, I only went for Communication Science. after learning all those languages, it made me believe;
if I can, then anyone can (but maybe not everyone)

How many languages do you speak?
If you could learn one more foreign langues, what would it be?
What stopped you from learning more than one (if you speak only one)
why is it so important to learn any foreign language when we want a global village, and what language should be spoken in that village?

an interesting article to be read about the capacity and ability of human brain in learning and knowing languages:



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  • Mar 12 2013: I only speak the one language, but am learning spanish, so hopefully one day it'll be two.

    I was brought up monolingual, and was given no opportunity to learn any language until french was forced onto me at 14 for two years. I had a teacher who took offence to me being quiet and had a goal (that he admitted) to make me shout at him by making me angry. He suceeded and I went from loving french to hating it in record time. Spanish I've self taught because I don't want a teacher to make me hate it. It's slow going but I still love the language. If I could learn another, I might go for mandarin, or maybe arabic or russian (too many interesting languages to choose from).

    I think that it is very important for people to start speaking more languages. We need to become more connected, not stay isolated. I have no idea what the unifying language should be, but I think there should be one.

    I would think it is possible to know a great deal of languages, but the upkeep would be huge. You could only practice so many and without practice they would go downhill. I'd say if you spent all day just practicing languages, maybe 20 or so would be possible. To live a life around it, a lot fewer. But it depends what people around you speak. If your neighbour chats to you in a few languages, your shopkeeper another language, the practice would be easier. So maybe as we aquire more languages and share them, we can help others aquire more languages. That would be an interesting world to live in if it did happen that way.

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