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Why do we have to lay our heads down in order to think deeply?

Specially when walking, I feel that if I don't lay my head down, its harder for me to think properly.
You can even see people doing that on movies. Furthermore there's a famous sculpture of a guy doing that called 'The thinker'.
I thought it might be related to more blood going down by the effect of gravity to the frontal lobe of the brain that is the one we use to solve problems, among other things.
Maybe its a stupid idea. I couldn't find any information on Google by the way.



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    Mar 3 2013: .
    My answers:

    (1) You are right.
    . . The blood supply is better.
    . . So, the computation rate of the brain is faster.
    . . Human ultra-high accuracy causes it.

    (2) More over,
    . . Our sight becomes much smaller.
    . . Then, large amount of new data coming from eyes is cut.
    . . Hence, the brain computation rate becomes even much faster.

    (For details, see the 1st article, point 2(5) at

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