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turn to the person next to you and say these two words " gangster gardener"

Crowd fund, crowd assistant. This is TED. The talks are not mere dinner conversations. It's not about being cool to be TEDsters. Walk the talk, walk the walk! Please!!

Gangster Gardeners!
Gangster Gardeners!


Closing Statement from Cynthia Chen

Thank you! It was the first time I tried hosting a conversation. I had only 10 minute as a last attempt at Long Beach's final session to get words out to support Ron's Urban Farming talk. Sorry I didn't clarify and created this confusion.

Nevertheless, thank you for all your responses and I learnt a little more how to use this platform.

And Edward Long....I am Ms. Chen. I would never be offended for any constructive criticism. Looking forward to more. Sincerely, thank you!

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  • Mar 2 2013: Ron Finley started cumminity gardens in South LA and he gave a talk at Long Beach on how the project came about and it's future. He would like to teach and nurture the kids there from growing their own food, to nutrition, to how to sell their produce, to owning their own businesses. He jokingly used the phrase Gangster Gardeners to describe what he believes as Community Warriors who garden instead of using violence.

    I would simply love to help him coin the description and spreads his ideas. Kindness is free but the impact can be infinite.
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      Mar 2 2013: As the talk has not yet been posted, you might want to explain this up in the area where you have posed your question. Otherwise people won't know what you are talking about.

      Very few of those who participate in Conversations are attendees at the conferences.
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      Mar 2 2013: well, it has a certain zing to it. But personally I don't like gangsters or criminals. If you want to interest another person in urban farming, I suppose you could just turn to them and say, "What do you think of urban farming?," or "Have you heard about urban farming?"

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