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Do we need the approval of fools to correct the planet?

Intelligence must play a stronger role in world affairs. The non-aggressive few who can see past the delusions and discuss the world as it is, as well as how it might improve.


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    Mar 2 2013: This seems kind of egotistical, david. I'd suppose you're one of the few? I have quite some respect for most people, when I talk to many ordinary people they seem quite intelligent. I do wish more people were proactive, however, a lot of people seem rather passive to me.
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      Mar 3 2013: It does seem egotistical and that was not intended. The non-aggressive few are those who see past the use of violence as a solution to a problem. The peace makers. The world is getting smaller and smaller and people from all countries are close to each other This damaged planet is in trouble. We need to set aside our differences and address them as one.

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