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What is the best way to choose a major?

If you were to give an advice to a friend, a spouse, or a child as to how to choose a major, what would it be?


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    Mar 1 2013: The best choice I have ever made in my life was to spend the first two years of college taking electives and literally discovering my interests. Taking courses was not just studying and passing tests, it was about getting exposed to experiences, people and environments.

    I cant imagine being able to determine what i want to major in and probably do for the rest of my life without this valuable decision.

    It is risky, and one cannot do well in all those classes. Sometimes one might never find their true passion being taught in classes. I know someone who dropped college because of this.

    Another option though would be to choose the closest major to one's interests and then trying to *sew* their very own degree to fit their desires and needs. This is exactly what I am doing now.

    I used to think that the most important thing to put into consideration when choosing a major is to love what I am doing. Which is true to some extent, but finding a job is important too. So would probably tell whoever asks for my opinion to put in their mind that they are studying to find a job, so they want to look for demanded degrees in the market.

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