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Does a catastrophic event need to occur, for people to demand cleaner energy?

We are facing a silent killer, using non-renuable resources are slowing destroying our home however the initiatives are moving to slow. We can think of it as high blood pressure, people only pay attention to it after they have been to the hospital. What will it take to wake up?


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  • Mar 6 2013: This is surely the biggest intellectual nonsense to afflict the World at present. Using (mostly) non-renewable energy we have since 1900 increased atmospheric CO2 by about 35%. World population has risen from 1.6 billion in 1900 to 7 billion now - a 337% rise. Average life expectancy at birth has risen from about 31 years then to 67 years now - a 116% rise. If non-renewable energy and CO2 is a 'silent killer' it is doing a remarkably poor job!

    Of course, CO2 is not a silent killer; it is THE silent life-giver. We would all be dead without it. It is the World's main plant food and its increase has played an important, although seldom acknowledged, part in the quite magnificant rise in food production since 1900. As CO2 rises still further from about 0.04% by volume now to around 0.08% by the end of the century the result will be nothing but good for Nature generally and for plant, animal and human life. Atmospheric CO2 is the quintessence of 'Green'.

    Real atmospheric pollutants such as SO2 and NO2 have decreased by one if not two orders of magnitude while CO2 has continued to rise. It is important not to conflate those seemingly similar but profoundly different molecules. CO2 is the benign one that is vital for all life on Earth.

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