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Does a catastrophic event need to occur, for people to demand cleaner energy?

We are facing a silent killer, using non-renuable resources are slowing destroying our home however the initiatives are moving to slow. We can think of it as high blood pressure, people only pay attention to it after they have been to the hospital. What will it take to wake up?


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  • Mar 6 2013: YES this is the EXACT argument I've been lamenting over for ages!!!!!! Climate change can no longer be regarded as a political aspect only. It's about time Republicans and Democrats work together to help reverse/ prevent further damage to this lovely planet. Not only is it moral, but there are so many economic incentives. It's frustrating some people think it's a "joke" or think it will not start happening for another 100 years. you should seriously consider starting a petition on change.org and see if you can get your local or state representatives to pass sustainable bills.
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      Mar 6 2013: Don't go to Climate Change. The Climate has always been changing and always will. It is going to change and no one is going to stop it, to think otherwise is the height of conceit.

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