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Does a catastrophic event need to occur, for people to demand cleaner energy?

We are facing a silent killer, using non-renuable resources are slowing destroying our home however the initiatives are moving to slow. We can think of it as high blood pressure, people only pay attention to it after they have been to the hospital. What will it take to wake up?


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      Mar 5 2013: Could you provide an authoritative link to justify your claims that we are creating the material world with thought? Actual quantum physicists claim it is a complete misinterpretation to say that this is what quantum mechanics suggests.

      I have read that various mystics support and promote this belief system
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          Mar 5 2013: I also sometimes have trouble with things I type seeming to disappear. I think some browsers may work better than others and that sometimes there is a lag between our putting something up and when it appears. That is particularly true for edits of original text.

          I meant sources that meet scientific standards. I do know about the proliferation of online materials of the sort you have posted.

          Thanks for sharing what affirms to your satisfaction your belief.
    • Mar 6 2013: ok the idea that we create reality with our thoughts is absolutely true but so what? we've always done that just as i'm changing reality by thinking up this sentence to tell you which could change your way of thinking which could change reality it means Nothing. Also i don't get this non creative starvation so what get rid of math? that's not to creative well....maybe in extremely advanced math but it all follows linear guidelines creativity is good but it must always be balanced if we were nothing but creative we would be stupid monkeys that have the most in depth religion in the universe Creativity is nothing without the anchoring of facts and knowledge Also with the education system there is something wrong with it your right but it's not the system itself its the mind set it puts children into it sets them up for failure

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