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Does a catastrophic event need to occur, for people to demand cleaner energy?

We are facing a silent killer, using non-renuable resources are slowing destroying our home however the initiatives are moving to slow. We can think of it as high blood pressure, people only pay attention to it after they have been to the hospital. What will it take to wake up?


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  • Mar 4 2013: We will never have free energy, its already invented but it will never happen; There's no profit in it. You can go ahead and build your own free energy machine, there are patents all over the internet. Our human race had its greatest intellectual gains during its two biggest wars, because everyone was developing weapons and defensive equipment. And we are only seeing regression with out society today, so in the end we need a catastrophic event; one so large it destroys more than half the population of earth, don't get me wrong i don't want this to happen but its necessary. How to you expect to create if you have a canvas full of old broken ideas?

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