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Does a catastrophic event need to occur, for people to demand cleaner energy?

We are facing a silent killer, using non-renuable resources are slowing destroying our home however the initiatives are moving to slow. We can think of it as high blood pressure, people only pay attention to it after they have been to the hospital. What will it take to wake up?


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    Mar 1 2013: I doubt a catastrophe would change anything.

    I dont think humans are believers by nature, unless we FEEL it, we will not care. Even if someone went through a hard experience, as the memory fades away, they lose that intense need to change something about their reality.

    We need to create an urge by relating ourselves to this problem. A TRUE connection is needed, though. We need to FEEL.
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      Mar 1 2013: You have an excellent point here, Ghina, about the need to feel it. Part of what is at play is that people have become so accustomed to "spin" in so many aspects of life, and it has become so difficult for people to distinguish evidence from spin that many people choose to respond to uncertainty with a wait and see attitude or a comfortable presumption.
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        Mar 1 2013: Thank you. I don't think I get what you mean by spin though, can you explain please?
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          Mar 1 2013: "Spin" refers to a portrayal of an idea that distorts the facts about it. People with a special interest in promoting a particular position may spin the facts to make them appear to support their position or the image they want to project in lieu of attempting an accurate and balanced portrayal.

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