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True or false; feeding 9 billion without destroying the environment necessitates plant based diets excluding meat and dairy.

As of last year we used grain capable of feeding 8.8 billion people to feed meat production, turning it into food for about a billion. These animals issued forth a cloud of methane that dwarfed energy, industry or transportation sectors emissions. We are thirty years past Diet For A Small Planet, but the shift to plant based diets are still considered fringe and the China Study remains an "inconvenient truth", to borrow from a famous TEDster. So despite health and economic benefits, scientifically significant data, and morally repugnant results of our failure to act, we remain carnivores.

Is that sustainable? Do we need to give up animal based products to assure food for all?


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  • Mar 2 2013: you have to know that there is no impact zero in human activities

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