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Should we start teaching children in Primary and/or Secondary School "Coding"?

Coding is computer lingo, which I've heard a million times, but I've never really found an interest in learning anymore, until I saw this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU1xS07N-FA.

I believe that learning coding seems like a fascinating task now. I feel that coding would be pretty amazing skill to spread to the future innovators of tomorrow. I have not yet given myself the opportunity to learn coding, but after watching this I will check it out in the near future.

Do you think that the current curricula for education would fit a whole new division of computer science related courses, like coding (I think it's the big one?).

What are your views of more technologically based educational environments in the near future?

Does anyone else imagine a world of cyborgs....ha, but seriously, what are the limitations to having this skill?

If you have any other questions that might get answers or you have an answer for, then ask away and let's challenge the boundaries my fellow Tedsters! =)


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  • Mar 1 2013: I start hearing from TED speakers and elsewhere that we should start teaching kids and adults programming, even if in some primitive simplified way.

    The main reason is robots and computers will continue to spread throughout the society. Individuals and people in various careers will have increasingly interact with these technologies and have the option or even need to "program" their tools and environment.

    Recently I saw a speech at TED 2013 about this but I can't find it. It basically the speaker said that as people moved from using paper sheets into "programming" Excel spread sheet the same way we need to start teaching programming to non-IT professions.

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