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What perspectives did you use to reflect on what you already know?

I made a talk almost a year ago about how breakdance taught me to be a technical artist as an example on how looking from a different perspective at your job can teach you many things.

You can find the slides here ( http://www.nysuatro.com/RobbertJanBrems_VisualArts_HowBreakdancingTaught.pdf )

I would like to know, what perspectives have you used yourself?
And maybe an even deeper question, what have you learned from that perspective?

Thank you for your time and knowledge.



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  • Mar 6 2013: Lol,Dear Robbert,It is an old saying in china.We were educated by it when we were in kindergarden.But I didn't understand what it meant.Since three years ago I tried to pay more attention to my inner world,I got the words' meaning day by day.And I keep it in consciousness.
    Infact "three times" in chinese meaning is:as many as we can.

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