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what should minimum wage be?

i believe there is a gross imbalance of wealth in this world.


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    Mar 1 2013: That there is an imbalance of wealth in the world is fact rather than belief. If you do an internet search for gini index, you will see measures of the distribution country by country.

    Perhaps most striking, though, is the comparison in access to basics such as food and shelter when you compare the situation of the poor in the United States and Western Europe on the one hand and India or Sub-Sahara Africa on the other.

    On the bright side, once Bono's TED talk that he delivered yesterday is up, we can see the tremendous strides that have been made in reducing poverty, HIV, and malaria and improving access to medical care and education in the countries with the greatest numbers of people living in poverty. Bono presented these data specifically because there have been tremendous gains, and research shows that people are inclined to be less generous when they believe that their support makes no difference. It does make a difference.
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      Mar 1 2013: The GINI index is specious. I could explain but you would not hear me...

      I wonder why Bono himself chooses to be stingy in giving? I guess it is all in that other people's money thing and all that socialists do so well...
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        Mar 1 2013: I have no idea of his personal generosity or lack thereof.

        If you explain something, I can assure you I will hear it. I am always interested in what you have to say and consider it carefully.
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          Mar 1 2013: Regarding Bono the simple reality is that he changed residence from Ireland to avoid high taxes.

          GINI is talking up income disparity. There were a couple of fellows from the mid 2000s
          Piketty and Saez who created the disparity meme.

          I can explain further but won't waste my time unless you indicate that you are still listening.
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        Mar 1 2013: If you consider it a waste of your time, I can look it up myself to spare you the effort. Thanks.
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          Mar 1 2013: I only consider it to be a waste time on most people as they don't hear what I'm saying.

          Did you find what you need?
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        Mar 1 2013: Thanks, Pat. I will look into it after work today. It's been an over-full week.

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