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Air Air Everywhere but O2 Nowhere . (Is it possible for oxygen levels on Earth to irreversibly plummet?)

Just like water has become undrinkable in many parts of the developing world and where bottled water has become the norm, I was wondering that is it possible that the planet loses its ability to maintain the oxygen content in the air due to nonstop pollution, burning of fossil fuels, as well as denudation of forests. Is it possible that somewhere the dynamics of the atmosphere will hit the tipping point and oxygen levels to plummet irreversibly. Who knows? This was the theme of my recent short story on siliconindia.com titled "Air Air Nowhere", where I had envisioned a world where the oxygen levels have plummeted to that found on the top of Mt Everest, forcing the use of oxygen cylinders for survival of humanity even at mean sea level. What do climate and atmosphere modelers have got to say in this regard? I had interesting debates with my friends in Bhaarath (India) in this regard. Would certainly love to get feedback and viewpoints on this. Dr Sivaram Hariharan Bhaarath (India)


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  • Mar 3 2013: It takes one hextor of trees to produce the oxygen for one human being. I see trees cut down everyday where Ilive, farm country. They want to grow more corn and soy bean. We need to stop usuing money as a driving factor for human interactions.

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