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What should educational systems try to bring out of every child?

Most of the educational systems around the world try to focus on the academics. But what should be the focus of schools and how should they improve it?


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  • Mar 1 2013: Every human is born equal (of course a few could be naturally good in certain areas). As human grows - he is conditioned by family & society into certain beliefs.
    In a country like India, if a child does not get good scores at school (upto age of 15 yrs) he is conditioned as "Inferior quality". Thus he lives with "Inferiority" Stamp for the rest of his life (ie 45 yrs).
    Guess - schools could find a way to avoid this "Inferiority stamp" then "Huge amounts of human talents could be released into the economy"
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      Mar 1 2013: I must say that countries like India definitely have poor educational system. I say poor because the schools focus only in grades/scores that each kid receive.

      The grade system itself is such a shame. Will it ever get rid from the system? That is a big question now.

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