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We all need to support learning process.

What Mr. Sugata said about learning SOLE is very powerful to unlock the fundamental of leaning to everyone no matter where they are. Absolute learning happen in much more power and energy when the learners have the ''motivation and self learning'' desire. The learning of any knowledge perhaps concur our mind to foster our lives in part or whole. I agree with Mr. Sugata that new world of learning Does not need teachers. However, what would be the word TEACHER do in the future? In our life, every single moment is learning by itself.


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    Mar 7 2013: In Sweden we have something called a National curricullum (or something spelled like that) and it states at what age everybody should have learned certain things. The problem is that all people are different, and while some learn how to read when they are 4 others have problems when they are 15. So the system fails and tells the "slow learners" that they need extra help, that in most cases don't exist.

    I went to a school that did something like Mitra's idea, but without the Cloud idea: let the children decide what they need to learn. This school was filled with slow learners that suddenly learned a lot, just not in the "correct" order. Kids who failed normal schools suddenly excelled in various subjects, and got more self esteem and confidence.

    In this school the teachers helped the kids to learn what they had decided themselves that they wanted to learn.

    The school got shut down for not following the national curriculum... not for poor results, but for not doing it "right".

    In general I support those who favour a different approach to teaching than the prevailing one, and especially if you see children as small people who have the abillity to learn, not the abillity to get stuffed!

    So again 6-7 year olds run to school with joy - 2 years later they just want to go home, how is that for a life for our kids?
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    Mar 8 2013: I was rewarded by my Mum

    I was a little girl. I loved drawing with abstract Art, if I got a piece of paper, I drew everywhere I could.

    On day, I was told to draw a tiger from my drawing class teacher. When I got back my drawing book from her, I had realized that she put a big cross on the tiger and wrote down some words that said why you did not follow my instruction and please get your parents to sign it and give it back to me.

    I was very frustrated about what my teacher did to me! I showed it to my Mum and cried!
    My Mum asked me what did I feel when I had drawn a picture. And I told Mum the tiger was running extremely fast. (in the fact it was not like a tiger but it was just my drawing expression only) After my explanation, Mum took a photo of the tiger and said she loved my drawing because I was creative and she had never realized it. She also hung my picture up on the wall and told me please draws a new similar tiger for the teacher. I was walking with a spring in my step and draw a “new tiger” for my teacher. Till today I am not an artist but I still appreciate a person who is good at drawing. I want to say thanks to Mum because I was rewarded with a precious gift by her - my confidence!
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    Mar 5 2013: Re: "unlock the fundamental of leaning to everyone no matter where they are"

    When does it get "locked?" Learning comes naturally to babies. Alison Gopnik's TED Talk tells us "So the idea is that we have this early period when we're completely protected. We don't have to do anything. All we have to do is learn. And then as adults, we can take all those things that we learned when we were babies and children and actually put them to work to do things out there in the world."
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    Mar 2 2013: There cant be any learning without teachers. There cant be any real progress without good leaders.
    Teachers and a school system provide a certain discipline and community that helps young children in their transition to the adult world. The problem arises when people (as they tend to do always) expect teachers to be all-in-all as far as their kids education are concerned. THere is always a trend that would be thought to be better than the old order. The problem with the trend is that it soon becomes old like the rejected `former old` and there we are looking for the next new.

    The fact that something is new does not make it the best, the fact that something is old does not mean it has to change. We learn from our parents and from mentors and from teachers. If we are to learn and make progress, as it was in the past, we have to learn from one form of teacher or the other.
    They may not be perfect, but then the ball is on our court. Do we desire to be excellent in what we set out to do? Or do we desire to be excellent at making excuses?
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    Mar 2 2013: The power of learning (if we encourage "power with", Not power over & power in).
    Turn Or Learn?
    Turn Jealous Emotions to Humoured Emotions (genuine humours).
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    Mar 1 2013: Yes. We all need to support learning process. These processes will be very difficult in present in practical stages, it is because human being we all have - Jealous of the success of others !
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      Mar 1 2013: Hi Lamb,

      I think we all feel proud of what others have been achieved, but the point is to keep this success going on that's my view. Learning can take very easy way if we encourage & motivate the power of learning in any place.
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    Gail .

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    Mar 1 2013: In the future, I see "tour guides" or "concierges" rather than teachers. Education will be about educating, and not about money.
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      Mar 1 2013: Hi TED Lover,

      I think education should be free if we really support those learners for the learning propose.
      thanks for your comment
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        Mar 2 2013: Ain't nothin' free. Someone pays the bills if there are bills to be paid.
  • Mar 1 2013: Okay this is only an adjunct, but I am very impressed that there are new ways to help the poor.
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      Mar 1 2013: HI George,

      The benefit of Mr. Sugata's idea is that he supported those poor people and come to them instead of them go to schools since most of them can not.