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Barcode ID numbers on bank notes.

Why not print a barcode on bank notes, allowing the retailer to scan, using existing systems, that can then cross check the ID number against a national database. A time vs distance equation would then work out if the note has a double, as it can't be in 2, or more, places at once. Our treasurys spend so much money and time coming up with ways to stop fakes, but the criminals are never far behind, flooding shaky economies with to much money.

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    Mar 1 2013: Australian bank notes already include several security systems that are superior to barcodes. It's the microscopic stuff that gives them away as fakes. The problem with barcodes is they take too long to search as you need a real time cross reference to make sure the same code isn't used in different places at the same time. A scanner that just checks the existing security features would catch fakes and it could all be done without increasing internet traffic.
    • Mar 1 2013: I should have said, that the use of the system wouldn't be to catch the odd person at the till, but to give feedback to the police and target large operations, via movment data, as targeting just one guy with a printer, making a few hundred notes, would be a waste of resources.
  • Mar 3 2013: We could just get rid of cash altogether.

    When every monetary transaction is electronic, and is recorded in a database, drug dealers and other illicit businesses will find that the barter system has disadvantages.
  • Feb 28 2013: Not bad, but is this really a problem?