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When we compare alternative "mobile" energy, is there a place where the total efficiency or pollution cost is compared among the leaders?

Burning petroleum is the leading "mobile" energy source. Electricity is being advertised as being a possible replacement. However, electricity is not an energy source, it is produced from some other energy source, stored in batteries and then utilized in the mobile device (cars, trucks, trains, planes). My request is to compare the cradle to grave costs including the cost of source production, refining, distribution and waste disposal/recycle.

  • Mar 2 2013: I agree of course J. Goodwin. One thing we never discuss is the reserves in all this. Don't count on plasma physics for the answer in the distant future unless one is talking about the sun. We have a debt to civilization which began before the first dynasty in Egypt- about five thousand years ago. Okay there is waste, environmental degradation, and more even more people. Society has to look at the whole gestalt. Water, too.
  • Feb 28 2013: There are other issues too. Israel has made the electric car a big goal.
    • Mar 2 2013: Goals are great to create focus, but any goal needs measure to validate its worth. Is eliminating the petroleum in the vehicle creating a more efficient and clean mobility, or is it just moving the inefficiency and pollution to another location? Each time the energy form is converted, there is energy loss. A more meaningful goal may be to start with a known concentrated energy source and finding a more effective method to convert it to kinetic energy. How can we deconstruct the complex molecules to their simplest components while capturing the energy release at a much higher efficiency than burning?